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October 15, 2006



Love the hat. What did you use for the eyes? They really pop out.


Red thread! It's all thread, baby.


Speaking of TMC, there's this great jazzy tune they play on their promo for "Star of the Month". It's the one where everyday people hold up images of movie stars over their faces. I need to know what it is and it's driving me crazy!!!!

The hat is so excellent! I want one WAH, WAH! Does the cashmere make it any softer? I ask because the felt I've made would be waaayy too itchy.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Hmmm....perhaps I have enough for another hat! It won't be this exact shape though, because I used the bottom of the sweater with the stretchy parts already. Would you wear something more like a standard toque (gumdrop shaped)? Christmas is coming...it's a nice dark, dark blue, which would look lovely with your red hair.
It's SUPER soft. You know me, I'm miss prissy pants, everything makes me itch...except cashmere.


Ooo la la, WOULD I wear it? Oh yeah, Baby. The perfect thing for winter walks since my ears freeze in the mildest of weather. I'd be the coolest warmest girl in Vancouver!

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