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The Escape from Steven's House

The Escape from Steven's House

I myself am an amasser of many odd and pretty things, so I could appreciate Steven's menagerie quite well. Unfortunately it gave my boyfriend a horrible asthma attack. I found the house fascinating but a little depressing; it was filled with beautiful, strange objects and animals that were forever frozen in time, trapped in there, never to see the outside again. For this painting I wanted to imagine one of his dusty mounted trophy deer heads back to life, to allow it a sort of escape. The things surrounding it were from various rooms in his house- the nun in the upper right hand corner was a marble bust in the bedroom; the birds were taxidermied onto a branch in another room; the spider was a brass sculpture on a crowded shelf; the floral pattern around the edges was part of an ancient metallic-threaded throw near the pickled punks...

Artist: Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley