Welcome to the Seven Deadly Sinners blog. We are 7 artists located in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Calgary who dare to scare! We enjoy weird science, animation, pop culture, midnight movies, package design, Ernest Borgnine, sea monkeys, cyclops kittens, books, comics, cool artists, strange holidays, snarky commentary, cute dogs, and things that make us laugh. Also, we will all make art for money. No, really! Just ask us!

Here is a little more about each Sinner, because to know us is to love us:

KIPLING WEST has illustrated books, curated art shows, and made monsters out of velvet. She likes devils, Halloween, dark chocolate, metal souvenir cathedrals, and feejee mermaids. She married her favorite rock star and had to immigrate to Canada to do it. She spends a lot of time thinking warm thoughts.

Some might say that art saved BONNI REID from being a total juvenile delinquent. When she's not navel gazing, she finds inspiration in bygone eras, although she has yet to decide if this means that she's Steam Punk or if she is just living in the past. Bonni also has a soft spot for ill-tempered cats, abandoned places and Quincy, M.E. The daughter of a mechanical engineer and a British nurse, Bonni lives in the space where these two worlds meet. That fact that these two worlds don't really meet hasn't stopped her from residing there.

Cartoonist and aspiring tweaker ROD FILBRANDT is all about keeping it real and making you deal with it. While his crudely rendered scrawlings are certainly in your face, he is crying all the way to the bank - the Bank of Keeping It Real, that is. The fact that he wrote this bio blurb only confirms his unadulterated genius.

KAMALA DOLPHIN-KINGSLEY lives in a baby blue granny house in Portland, Oregon with her spastic dog, Otis, and her charming fellow, Ian. She spends her days drinking too much coffee, playing with her plethora of fart toys, and painting bejewled octopii, albino chameleons, sequined bees, & horny newts and chihuahuas. She looks at books about marine biology, art nouveau, religious art of various persuasions, asian art, fairy tales, illustrated manuscripts, psychadelia, costume jewelry, mythical creatures, mushrooms & fungii. She does shows, commissions, and occasional commercial illustration.

TOM BAGLEY has been seriously bent outta shape since seeing his first issue of Vampirella in 1972 (which he wasn't allowed to buy). He decided to get his revenge by making a life-long career of causing a world of hurt with his cartooning savagery and horrorock leanings. He lives with his fancy imported American wife and his 2 sons in a part of Calgary where only one person out of 200 speaks English, the rest babbling in Unknown Tongues.