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February 17, 2006


Burgess Shale

Dodos are cool. They always have that distinctive BritanniaWavestheRulesandMustComeAlongandWreckEverythingWhatWhat old timey Imperialist taxidermy thing about them, that we all know and love. My question is when are you gonna do a Coelacanth?


I'll do a Coelacanth after I do the "Opabinia vs. the Squids" picture. Maybe I'll CRAFT it!

Wild Rose

Have you seen the movie "Ice Age"? There's a Dodo scene that clearly illustrates their undoing--Hilarious!


J'y suis tombée par hasard mais j'adore votre site et ses peintures !!!!

Pour l'anglais par contre, c'est pas gagné !!!



Le bout I a pris des Français à l'école dans la catégorie 6 ; beaucoup d'excuses ! Je suis heureux vous aime les peintures !

(I last took french in school in grade 6; many apologies! I am glad you like the paintings!)

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