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June 22, 2006


Walter Paisley

Good God! I must have this in my Zen room!

Madame M

It's like Candyland on paparazzo-strength steroids!

I must say, it's really a beautiful piece.


I LOOOOOVE this!!!!

What if the Suri kid is ugly and they're too embarassed to show the thing off? Santa, that's what I want for Christmas. I've beeen a very good girl, I've worked very hard, I'm a nice person...PLEASE let Suri be ugly as my reward.


Why does everyone forget she went to visit Josh in London like two weeks before her mysterious meeting with TC? Just saying. Maybe, it's his


Who is Josh? Sorry, I'm not really up on Miss Holmes' boyfriends...I thought her pre-Cruise/still-a-virgin BF was someone named Chris?

As for 14's comment, maybe she's got Downs Syndrome or something? Would they be able to keep that under wraps for so long?

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