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July 02, 2006


Tanya Hyde

I love a man in unitard.

Wee-Bone Talker

What, no Canada Day post? Typical Old Glory-hugging Yank. Hey Yank, why don't you go hug your gun while you're at it?


Hey man, I was too busy working on my calendar and getting ready for the Golden Beaver show at a local bar to be posting Canada Day stuff! Go eat some back bacon!

Actually, I did look all over ebay to find a vintage Canada Day (or Dominion Day, as y'all used to call it) card and I didn't find anything. And the one really awesome Canada Day party invitation I've seen is lost in the basement somewhere, so I couldn't find it and scan it in. Maybe next year...

I miss my gun. "Mr. Shiny", I called it. A lovely chrome finish .38 with custom grips. Fun to shoot. I left it in Seattle with my ex husband.

Iva .22

Was it Canada day? That's why I could buy my booze!

Miss Cellania

My first thought was... He has no "naughty bits" BECAUSE of his rocket-riding habit.

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