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August 12, 2006



OUCH! I never understood how bad lower back pain can be until I experienced it for myself. Not only does it hurt, but it's boring. You can't do anything. Hope it's over soon.


"Codeine and red wine."

Those are four words I live by back pain or not.


I am on hydrocodone three or four times a day and doing back exercises, but am in agony. Any suggestions?

jen a

i have had this excruciating lower back pain for a week now everyday i hope it gets better, but of course it doesn't. I can't live like this anymore, I am 27 years old I work 10 hour days- it kills me! I have a child to take care of, I have to cook and clean when I come home my son is too young to help, I am doing it all by myself and my back pain is just getting worse. I am supposed to go out out with some of my girlfriends later and I donlt think I can do it- although I want to- but I donlt think its a good idea because I should rest. I'm scareof being couped up too long because itls wintertime and I might get severly depressed if I shun away from people too long. = I also have no medical insurance so I can't even see a doctor about my problem!

Chicago Chiropractor Clinic

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