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September 01, 2006



YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! I am so sick of that sort of crap. I just visited a few galleries here in SF and saw BIRDS AND F-ing BRANCHES everywhere!!! I say we start a new trend: Snails and Slime, Moles and Dirt, Tadpoles and Pond Scum....anything but Birds and Branches.

Can't wait to see the Little Girls and Deer. Make sure they both have giant eyes and be sure to include a little blood and drippy things so you can cover a wider circle of cliches. Oh yeah, and the girl should be wearing something striped. Very important.


Oh, good point, I forgot about stripes. Also, that whole thing of turning the outline another color and doing that "layer scramble" thing with duplicate outlines.

Snails and Slime...doesn't Kamala D-K have that one in the bag?


I want the tadpoles and pond scum corner of the market!


Snails and scum and dirt? I get it - it's like the opposite of cute birds and stuff.

Freak out the squares!

Lowbrow Lottie

Those birds are wicked mental!

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