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September 10, 2006



I'm extremely envious that your friend has 4 of these wonderful books.

I purchase one of these myself at a yard sale of a recently deceased man who's friend was selling all his possessions. It felt very vulture-like to be truthful, and I felt horribly guilty that I bought it for a mere few dollars, but I like to think that the man would have appreciated it going to a good home. It's a wonderful book, one of my favourites actually. Mine's called "Von Werden Deutficher Filmkunft" Berlin, im Marz 1935, as well, but the image on the cover is different. The one I own has a back view of a woman with her head turned to the profile.

I'd be curious to find out more about these too.


I found some on ebay, but it's tough going, slogging thru the translated Germenglish:



Here are the images from the one I have.


Don't know if you're still looking for more information, but I believe these are books in which one collected cigarette cards. You say that in one of the books the pictures are glued in. Cigarette cards were once included inside packs of cigarettes (much like hockey or baseball cards in packs of gum). Subjects were quite varied, such as different types of flying machines, historical figures, movie stars, famous criminals, etc. Cigarette cards made smoking more fun.

doc korbar

I have a cigarette book copyright 1936 "Adolf Hitler" whose inside cover reads bilder aus dem leben des fuhrers. From what I can determine this book was a relatives war booty from WW2. It was given to me as a child and has remained in my posession for over 40 years. There are approx. 133-135 pages with mostly photos of Hitler during his rise. The book is in good condition. the glued binding back is off detatched but saved. there are a couple of photos missing when I got the book. The original owners name inside the front cover reads "Hiyaliu Vickel or Vickey".Is there a value to this book other than just Historical?

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