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September 28, 2006



Hey, my name is Stefanie. What's up? I first saw your flower dogs about a year ago and just recently. A little girl is going to be turning 9 years old on April 24th, 2007 and I would love to see her smile on her birthday at school by sending her one of these. She's had a difficult life so far and each year is becomming a little bit harder. See, her father has nothing to do with her; her mother died from a double berry anerysm rupture when she was just 6 years old; and her grandmother past away April 14, 2006. Her guardians are her one uncle and her grandfather. I'm not telling you this for any other reason except for the fact that I want to order one and have it sent to her at school or I want the directions to make one myself. Please get back to me as soon as possible. My time is very limited. I appreciate any help you supply me with, as will she, her uncle, and grandfather. Thank you.


Hey Stefanie, I just googled and found this set of pictures all over the net, I don't actually know how to make them. You could probably print out the picture and take it to a good florist though, and they could figure it out. Probably a bit of wire and some teddy bear eyes from Michael's would do it.

Philippine Florists

Glad to found your site,this is not unusual design.I think its not easy to do.


Philippine Florists

Oh! that was so cute! It seems, it is really true. I wonder how to do it. Hope I could do it also.


Debbie Loves Dogs

Wow! They are so cute!

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