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November 11, 2006


The Pussum

It's so true about stepfamilies!! I had the double-whammy of being an adopted child, losing my adoptive father to cancer when I was 11, and my adoptive mother remarrying not long after that. Suffice it to say my adolescence (and the decade after that!) was tumultuous at best. Things have finally gotten better now that I'm 28 and *sigh* a mom.

I have the Halloween Tarot BTW, and it is a marvelous deck! I've never been able to work with another deck and just wanted to tell you that. ^_^


I don't know how I missed this one...good one! Fortunately I never had many issues with my 'step parents' as they were, as I was 12 by the time they came around and neither of them ever tried to parent me and my parents never expected them to. It worked out just fine. Especially since I wasn't very interested in being 'parented' by then... All I knew was that at least my 'real' parents weren't fighting all the time any more and they both seemed happy and that was a good thing.

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