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December 10, 2006


Amanda Button

i now know NOT to come check your blog while i am having my first cup of morning coffee...scalding coffee spew is the result. That is SO wrong, but SO FUNNY...and we were JUST having a conversation about this topic here in my house. What is up with these shameless girls??? Not that i wasn't a shameless girl myself once upon a time....but i aways managed to keep my crotch to myself, no matter HOW wasted i got. :D

Anyway, you have single handedly created the funniest thing i have yet to see this xmas season. I am almost afraid to go look at the flickr set....it's too damn early to giggle so much.


Shame is so...last century!

Wee-Bone Talker

Dignity is so... played out.

Amanda Button

i can only imagine that they pay SO much for those wax-jobs that they feel obligated to show it off, maybe?

Miss Cellania

Not only is the concept funny, but the ornament is cute, too!

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