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January 08, 2007



I have a few craft magazines from the era, and some patterns too. Not sure what I'm doing with them. Personally, I just remember people using the excuse to be stinky, and if you're white with curly hair you're screwed (unless of course you're sporting an afro).

I do have a soft spot for tin can sculpture and wood panelling though. There, I said it.

Captain Green

My guilty 70's pleasure is the swag lamp. I love swag lamps and I remember almost every one we had fondly.

My parents were hippies, but ended up liking Styx - so there you go.

Hippy Harpy

The crafty hippy types I knew as a kid were Washington DC area hippies, and I don't recall stinkiness. The hippies on the West Coast in the '90s, though...a fear and loathing of deoderant, for sure.
My soft spot is for weird, lumpy handmade pottery and multicolored glass candle holders.


We had the bad earthenware pottery from friends, and lots of brown and orange batik art (I think there WERE some owls in there!) that had wooden dowels on the top and bottom so you could hang it on the wall, and string art of ships. Also- do you remember God's Eyes? Two popsicle sticks arranged in a cross and a ton of yarn? A classic Girl Scout craft project. Making pottery mushrooms was another 70's hippie craft we did (though I liked to make pottery UFO'S)
The one thing I never got that I coveted was those stretched out pop bottles filled with layers of colored sand.Usually found at the seedy local small town carnival...


Ah, string ship art, how could I forget? And God's Eyes...I have a tiny one my little brother made in summer camp when he was in first grade, I think...two toothpicks and some yellow and green yarn. It goes on my Hannuka bush every year!

Now you've done it though. Every artist dyin' to get into your gallery is going to arrive bearing gifts of stretched bottles with multi-colored layers of sand. If you're really lucky you'll get the ones with glued on google eyes and a tuft of brightly colored acrylic hair.

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