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March 21, 2007



Excellent! I love all the things to look at in your drawings and it's always a treat going through one of your sketchbooks. I'll look forward to seeing this one too.

I keep hearing about Moleskine, but since I rarely use the sketchbooks I have now it seems a little pointless getting yet another one. Damn, they do look nice though... are the pages really kinda yellow like the image?


Yep, they're kind of a bone color. And the paper is very smooth, so it doesn't fight your pen, but the ink doesn't "hit and spread" either so it's a lot of fun to draw on.
I still don't feel very hip though. Maybe I should bring this to a coffee house and draw in it there?
It's funny about sketchbooks, I have so many...but to be honest all the spam drawings are originally sketched out as squiggles on post it notes. My sketches tend to be "blob, blob, wiggly line, arrow, blob"; pretty minimal, when I'm actually working on a specific piece, cuz it all has to be researched anyway.


I've never heard of a moleskinE until now. It appears to be doing wonders for your pen!


I keep thinking if I buy what you use maybe I'll start drawing beautifully intricate designs like you. I guess I need more than the right tools...


I guess "go pretty" is safe advice. But us oddkins go to fund raisers too and I would be faint with delight to find something with Halloween and lots of spooky going on.

I've never commented so, Hi. I'm a fan of your art and enjoy your blog.

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