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September 10, 2007



I can't stand holier-than-thou-hipsters like Pollack. First of all, most of 'em have no business classifying themselves as hipsters. Secondly, the majority of them are nothing but lost sheep looking for some kind of identity because they're unable to create an original one for themselves. They constantly self-congratulate themselves for being so "cool", yet neglect to notice how pathetic and transparent they are. San Francisco is filled with them, from Boing Boing to Laughing Squid to many of the "burners"....all of them so smug and uninteresting yet unable to shut up about how mediocre they are. Oh well, at least they have each other to impress. As for Pollack, he's a boring booooooring dad and makes himself and other boring dads feel better by slapping an "alternative" label on themselves. I don't care how cool they think they are - when they reek of vomit, snot, and dirty diapers, no amount of indie rock trinkets worn on their person is going to make it go away.


You know what it really boils down to? People talk too much. Pollack is just another modern minutiae-mouthed chatterhead. Everybody talks too much about all their crap. It makes one long for just a little ol' fashioned stoicism and dignity.

thinking less of me?

*gulp* I kinda like the skull & star one-piece and socks though...


I think the skull stuff is cute, myself. It's just when it's paired with all the rest of the navel-gazing doo doo that it starts to hurt my head. I mean seriously, have white people never had kids before?

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