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October 24, 2009


Doryen Chin

Holy cow! I've been following you for quite a long time and I don't think I ever made the connection between my Halloween Tarot deck and you, that I was actually following Kipling West. I love your deck! So beautiful. I sell the tin AND the full-sized deck in my store, Dragon Dreams! http://www.mydragondreams.com!


Aw, thanks! I never did get a tin...I should probably pester US Games about that one!


I love your tarot cards! That's how I first discovered you.. I use my deck to help teach my Esperanto kids the numbers 1 - 10. Perfect for this time of year.


Here's another who discovered your work through the Halloween tarot. I own 2 decks and just hunted one up to give to a friend for his birthday. I'm delighted to see US Games is offering a tin. Double delighted I work just a couple of miles away from Dragon Dreams. I'm stopping by on the way home to see if I can pick one up.

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