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February 28, 2010



Okay, I'm totally queased out by the eye spots on the guys arm. Super icked. I saw a photo of a skin disease that looked the same on a woman's breast one time that still makes me do the ick dance. Thanks for bringing me back there!

Great piece AND crazy creepy! I have to go rub my face now.


So it probably wouldn't help if I told you I was thinking 'spider eyes' there, right? Is that worse or better than a skin disease?


Oh God, no it doesn't. Maybe that's what I subconsciously thought when I saw the skin disease. I'm so icked out right now!


Many apologies. I wasn't too thrilled with the dissection pins in the ragged flesh around the gaping chest wound myself. This was a really weird piece to work on. The door opened and some strange dark things came in and made themselves at home.

Which is ok I guess as long as they don't use up all the milk without telling anyone we're running low.

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