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December 12, 2010


Ned Ocasek

Skinny pants with stretched out flat, droopy ass. It's like they almost got it and then seemingly couldn't quite let go of the 1992 that never ended. I work with a few guys who rock this scene, but it's the absolute worst on chicks.


I unknowingly tried on a pair and have decided that the "muffin top" might actually be better (never thought I'd hear myself saying it).

Strangely, they're made to fit this way too! Short zipper, long crotch, and if you try to pull them up to where you think they should be, you get some weird camel toe, mom's jean, flared waist, nerd combo. Overall they're pretty good for a laugh.


For about the last 6 years, designers of pants have been smoking some serious crack. These pants don't look good on anyone, but the public still buys them. In desperation I've actually started wearing skirts...and I HATE dressing in girl drag.

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