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January 17, 2011



I still can't believe America won't let KinderEggs inside it's borders. America, you ridiculous. I want to eat one now. Great demo!


Yes, it was very kind of the Genuine Canadian Step Children to demonstrate an activity illegal in America. I'm teaching them a basic disrespect for authority.


I grew up on Kinder Eggs and unless things have changed recently, they are still sold at a local German store in Lakewood (Tacoma). My mom still buys them for me periodically. LOL. Anyway, the toys inside used to rock! now they're usually just OK (but better than most crap you find in a gumball-type machine).



There is a Middle Eastern grocery store that sells them here in the Twin Cities. The first time I spotted them, I probably made a fool of myself grabbing two big handfuls of them. But whenever my college friends and I took trips to Toronto, we always looked forward to buying a whole box of Kinder Eggs for ourselves. So I was ludicrously excited to see them in the US.

At the time, I assumed that the FDA had finally admitted they were being idiots. Apparently the grocery either doesn't realize they're breaking the law, or they don't care because the eggs sell like hotcakes. Either way, I think I'll be running back to buy more before The Man cracks down on the store...


They used to sell these bcck in the early 90's in Georgia,USA,because my kids would beg for them. I thought they were a complete waste of good grocery money!LOL!

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