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A Visit to Stephen's House

A Visit to Stephen's House

Way back in 2003 I curated a show at Secluded Alley Works in Seattle. The owner of the Weirdest House in Seattle kindly allowed a group of selected artists into his house to tour, take notes, and take away crazy ideas. And then, we put on a show!

Recently Stephen has had his entire house and grounds photographed in a magical 360 process. For the first time you can experience the wonder of his home without having to run the gauntlet of his terrifying kitchen birds. He writes:

Courtesy of a clever fellow named Bradford Bohonus and his website VRSeattle (Virtual Tours of the Emerald City), alot of local artists now have Virtual Tours of their studios/art available online. If you haven't seen this amazing technology, you really need to check it out.

Brad has documented every room in my house, and the exterior/gardens (27 panoramas!). This VR panorama format seems to be only way to capture the massive clutter in a place like my house. At the same time, my house is a good showcase for the VR format because all my ceilings are decorated and the VRs allow you to scroll up to view the ceiling and down to view the floor (but ignore all the stuff on the floor, which is just being stored there temporarily until new rooms are built).

Each of these VRs is displayable in two formats, Quicktime and Java Immervision. The Quicktime image seems to have slightly better resolution and color, however the Java allows you to zoom in much closer to inspect a specific artifact. To zoom on the Quicktime you push the "+" and "-" on the left, and to zoom on the Java you right-click and scroll up or down.

postcard by Erin Norlin