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Creepy Easter #1: Worms!

Creepy Easter #1: Worms!

I confess I've never been a huge fan of the Anti-Halloween Holiday, all pastels and fertility; halfway across the year from the black and orange, and all about a guy I don't believe in. I managed to get through it all these years, biting the heads off bunnies and decorating Easter Caskets, but I'm thinking I need to explore the Easter in my soul.

So, I went to ebay. Yes, there are some weird Easter things; they're much harder to find than the crazy vintage valentines I posted on that Other Site, but you just have to look harder. For example, the sub-genre of worms. In a horrid way it kinda fits, but if you are looking at Easter as For the Children and All About Candy, I'm not sure where delicious worms come into the picture. But I found a bunch of worm-eating postcards, so there must have been a lot of vermi-philes in the mailing public at one point in history.

Here's a sample. Bon Appetit!