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Cyclops Kitten: Devil or Angel?

Cyclops Kitten: Devil or Angel?

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings
Psalm 17:8

Well, the Cyclops Kitten lives on. Not only is she in the running for "The Official Atheist Animal Symbol", but religious people have taken her under their wing as well.

I recently got an email from someone at this site (, which seems to be all about proving Intelligent Design. He wanted to know if he could use the image I painted of the kitten. He wrote, "We will be considering your art for a series of postcards for the retelling of Cy's story. Are you interested in the Biblical application of Cy's story?"

Well, who wouldn't be?

I'm fascinated by the fact that people with completely opposing viewpoints have locked on to this one little beast and come up with absolutely opposite conclusions for its existence. It sums up why I don't trust "organized" religion, because people can interpret things in such different ways, and really...who is right?

artist: Kipling West