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Cy, the One-Eyed Cat with the Death Ray Eye

Cy, the One-Eyed Cat with the Death Ray Eye

Remember Cy, the one-eyed cat? How quickly you forget! After all that heartfelt sentimental gushing about this cute kitty from phonies who probably wouldn't give you time of day, we're all on to something new, pausing for only a brief image-burn as we channel-surf reality like a fat lady with a box of bon bons! What next? Entertain us! We're bored and stupid, and we're heading to hell in a shrimp boat, but bring us something new! Flash your keyring in front of the baby's eyes!

Oh, I'm sure YOU really care about Cy. You're not one of those spoiled bastards stepping over cadavers for a piece of cake! Not you! Deep down inside, you really care! You've never forgotten this poor unfortunate creature!

It doesn't matter. It's too late. He's back, he's bigger, and this time he's armed with a death ray eye! He's still cute and adorable, but now he's fierce as a grizzly and out for blood, vaporizing sentimental hypocrites with short attention spans like marshmallows in the campfire! Run!!! Run from Cy!!!!

artist: Robert Rini