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WereWolf Bongo Party

WereWolf Bongo Party

I did this for a show at DVA last year; I did actually watch "Werewolf Bongo Party", too. Pretty silly stuff.

Fee Jee Mermaids are cool, and so is the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I figure they must have hooked up at some point. After all, the hip people all know each other, so the hip monsters probably do, too. Fee Jee M. is the Paris Hilton of the Monster Club.

This is a watercolored print; the original is rapidograph on paper, done to the size specs of a page in "FourEyedBat; Mostly True Facts for the Modern Age", my unpublished comic book. It's sort of a "Highlights" magazine for adults, I guess. I've put a few pages up over at Seven Deadly Sinners, and Swivel magazine printed one story and will perhaps do a couple more in the upcoming issue, with any luck.

Right now it's my Big Project, while I'm in exile waiting for the slow wheels of immigration to turn. I've got issue one (24 pages) just about finished, and issue two planned out. Fascinating subjects like "Why You Should Fund Bad Art" and "How to Win an Oscar" will be included in the second installation. Stay tuned!