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The Story of the Clown (page 1)

The Story of the Clown (page 1)

And now for a break from all that sweetness and light, a true story about a creepy clown from my comic book.
I've done a little research, and as far as I can tell John Wayne Gacy wasn't doing his Pogo schtick in Washington D.C. in the late 60's. However there WAS a clown named Pogo who came to my school at least 2 years in a row; he did paint creepy self portraits on cheap paper and signed them "Pogo", and he did pinch kids and he did give me the creeps. There was nothing in his eyes but twinkle.

Years later when I saw a photo of John Wayne Gacy as The Clown, I got a chill and thought, "I know that face."

So who knows. Maybe he was moonlighting. Maybe there was another guy out there in the DC area with the same pointy makeup and name who did self portraits of his clown persona . I may never know. It's not lost on me, though, that my parents, by keeping us out of the [very dangerous] public schools of the city, may have exposed us to a rather creative serial killer.