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The Abortionist's Garden

The Abortionist's Garden

This is a piece I have been meaning to do for a long time, but recent events got it off the back burner. There will be a lot of internet searches done on self administered abortion (until that's made illegal as well) in the future; information about herbal, medical, or reverse engineering of miscarriages. We live in scary times, and they're only going to get scarier.

Each of the plants in this piece is an abortifacient. Evening primrose, pennyroyal, tansy and black cohosh, along with parsley and megadoses of vitamin C, are some of the ways women have dealt with an unwanted pregnancy. If Roe v. Wade is repealed, there will be lots of creative (and very dangerous) ways women will attempt to regain control on their own. Just because abortion is made illegal doesn't mean it will go away. It will just get more dangerous and more women will die.

And for a lot of people in the good old US of A, that's just fine.