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Heart, Soul, and Infinite Compassion Made Easy!

Heart, Soul, and Infinite Compassion Made Easy!

Seven Deadly Sinners

Troubled by misfired cues, poor body language, impure thoughts, and floods of flop-sweat whenever you get near that certain special someone? Tortured by unruly metaphysical imps while you're trying to act cool, make art, groom yourself, or simply order a cup of coffee from your potential-valentine?

Don't give up! Hope is on the way!
The powers of mystifying shamanic deities can be yours for the asking!

Money? Don't worry about money when the gift of shining possibilities is absolutely priceless!

Love? You want some watered-down love, or that soul-welding, mind-melding love of which the poets speak? Why be puzzled by riomantic mysteries, when your valentine could be sitting right next to you, waiting for you to make your move? Order today, and experience true love, hot sex, and witty repartee you never dreamed possible. Experience the joys of Heart, Soul, and Infinite Compassion! Call now...operators are on duty!

Artist: Robert Rini