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One day in the valentine factory

One day in the valentine factory

(Phone rings)


"Hey Bob, it's Al over in Holidays. You got a wrist you can spare for a couple days? Peg called in sick and we need to make quota."

"I dunno Al, we got this big contract we gotta get out the door. I don't know if we can spare anyone."

"How about the new kid?"

"The new kid? All he can draw is cars."

"That's ok. We'll throw him some work. You know, 'You auto be my valentine', or 'You drive me crazy', or 'You're a real gas.' C'mon, it's just till Peg gets back."

"Yeah, ok, you can have him. We can get Cholly to cover his accounts for a couple days."

"Thanks, Bob. I mean, how bad could he screw up?"