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2008 Vintage Valentines: Dogging Your Footsteps

2008 Vintage Valentines: Dogging Your Footsteps

Four Eyed Bat/Vintage Voola

Back in 2006 I started looking for vintage valentine images of skunks, figuring I'd put up a few funny pictures on Foureyedbat and on the Seven Deadly Sinners. I quickly discovered that the best place to find images of old valentines was ebay, and I also found that vintage valentines get way, way weirder than mere skunk puns.

Last year I continued the hunt, putting the best images here in the Sin Bin. I actually started buying valentines in March, and I have oh, so many twisted valentines to share with you this year; stay tuned!

Funny thing is, as I continue my search for the worst valentines ever produced, I've seen some of the (cleaned up by me in Photoshop) Sin Bin valentines I originally got off ebay being sold as digital images and printouts on...ebay.