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Jerry Tall

I made her do Lemmy with his Mid-80's hair. She wouldn't do Ozzy with his Mid-80's Bea Arthur look though. She drew the line on that one.

Pete Best

Ah, Little Ringo!

Wolcott Balsteir, Her Majesty's Royal Fusileers

A tiny Kipling! You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din! Very nice work, and such great detail.

Clem Chowder

Hey! Rudyard Kipling sorta looks like Louis Del Grande!

Glamis Pieds

There are many great things in this month but the germs of L. Pasteur may be my fave.

I always though Rudyard Kipling would look like Richard Harris. Or one of the Carry-On gang.


I demand Ozzy in Bea Arthur mode!


Rudyard Kipling looks like a guy I knew years and years ago; he was a Spanish maitre 'd at the Maryland Inn in Annapolis.
When things got stressful, Mr. Fernandez had a tendency to mutter Spanish curses under his breath, and explode with "PUTANA MADONNA!" ("The Lady Mother is a prostitute", as he translated it. "It's very bad. The worst curse you can say.")

P.S. Rod: you know damn well you can draw Ozzy in Bea Arthur mode better than me. Quit funnin'.

Bobsquare Spongepants

Annapolis? I always thought you went to West Point!

I'm No Squid

Nah...they just named it after me.

Eve Ocative

Love your wide-eyed Britney!
I had no idea there were so many whacky sagittarians!!!

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