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Graham Cracker

Dayglo cuteness and McGurty Discs! Grim electro-death for Topsy! Surely, I'm succumbing to the vapours!

Bonzo the Chimp

I look at this lovely illustration and see a smiling, friendly, candy-pink pachyderm -- not some killer! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, beseach you! Topsy was framed.
Look at those eyes! Ahhh. This is very cute, and I love the drips which seem to be bars coming down on her. Nice circus colors! Sounds like a great show, too!


It does sound like a cool night, I wish I could go! There's gonna be some good art around...I'll have to ask the gallery for a preview.
Too much empty wallspace in this studio of mine.


The elephant is pink. Therefore you must be drunk.


Not as drunk as I wanna be. Drunk, and painting my pangolin. For tomorrow? Tomorrow is Pangolin Day.

Orangina Pumpenstoofins

Wow, she's so cute.
Was Topsy the one that they hung from the crane? I saw a picture of that accidentally when I was googling reference images for my pink elephant piece; what a terrible photo. What the hell is wrong with people?


Well, first they fed her cyanide laced carrots, but that didn't kill her. I think they were going to hang her but decided it was "too cruel"; so Thomas Edison figured out a way to electrocute her by making her wear copper sandals and rigging her up. Yes, apparently there is footage online, but I don't wanna see it so I'm not going to look too hard.
I love that people try animals for human crimes. That's gonna be a mess when all those baby-eating guppies and hamsters get their day in court.


Edison also used AC current as a way to discredit the much more brilliant Nikola Tesla. Let's face it, Edison was a colossal douche.

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