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Wee-Bone Talker

Not enough devils, obviously.

Despair Squid

See, if you'd just had her gutting the birds, with lovely splashes of red all 'round, they would have gone for it.


Maybe if you had cut off Ruan's head, had blood and birds spurting out of her neck, added a few melting skulls along with a small dose of something Clayton might have gotten in.


Nice work, KDK. Keep it up, and don't worry about fitting in with the cool kids.


Yeah, blood and gore, that's the ticket, I should have known. But, But, But, it has an asian chick, and it has Birds and Branches too! And you know how hot that is these days! Maybe if I made her younger, and in panties, or something? And like, bending over a little bit?


Yeah, and some flames and martini glasses and tattoos, and you wore a gas station attendent's shirt and changed your name to Pookie. That would be killer, dude. I'm outta here.

Mistress of the Galactic Owls

Rejection from La Luz is further validation that you're creating work that's original and fresh. Be proud!

Go look at their site when they post all the art - with the exeption of a very few talented folks, most the art all looks the same. Yawn.

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