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The Zanti Misfit

This sea monkey-woman is lovely! You've really done a great job. Even the background is cool and aqueous and amkes me want to go for a swim. I think she was in my high school yearbook, actually, but she said she was from France.


Oooh! She's lovely! Nice shiny pink balls! I love her, quite foxy. And luminescent.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Wow, she's gorgeous!!!


She's way prettier than the Paris Hilton Celeb-Monkey! Excellent work as usual my friend!

Viper Tetsu

Oh, how happy I would have been as a grade schooler, nose buried in issue #10 of Luke Cage Power Man, if one of those blasted Sea Monkey kits woulda grown a Simian Sea Siren that looked like this. Rrowr.

Great piece.

Wrong Jeremy

The hotness... the hotness...

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