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Wee-Bone Talker

...continuing the one-eyed theme - very clever...

Despair Squid

Your turn!


Couldn't help meself with the one-eye theme!

Captain Beefheart

Ain't it sad Popeye has only one eye?

Jere Smith

Hey, Robert Rini...good stuff re:Popeye. I always thought that the configuration of his arms suggested that perhaps he had fallen on his elbows resulting in a permanent excess buildup of synovial fluid...but what do I know?
Then there was the enchanting Olive Oyl whom in retrospect seemed like a kind of proto feminist.
Your existential takes reminds me of Will Elder of early Mad fame who was able to nail the various comic styles...and then run with them. My favorite was Mickey Rodent.
I could see your work as an ultra cool book...but then there are those dang copyright issues.



I've always loved the old Mad magazines. I was teethed on that stuff. Elder was great -- and Kurtzman, and Jack Davis. And Wally Wood! Seriously insane spoofs and satires.

I first met Popeye at a tender age. I often confuse him with my grandpa. We're talking old black and white Popeye, now, and Popeye Meets Sindbad the Sailor, and Ali Baba -- not the later made-for-TV stuff. So I approach Popeye respectfully, asd I would my grandfather, and when I poke fun at him it is with some concern he won't think it's funny. I once squirted "Invisible Ink" on my grandfather's white shirt, and tried to explain it would dissappear! The inkstain remained for the longest five minutes of my entire life. In that time, I'd already packed and moved to Cleveland.

Thanks, Jere. You've done some cool homages to cartoon characters yourself, so I appreciate the feedback.

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