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Wee-Bone Talker

I'm all over the disgruntled mint. He's a comic strip waiting to happen.


I call that panel "it's 11 PM, I have 5 panels to go, and I'm out of ideas."

Maybe he'd like to pal around with Java Owl...

Burgess Shale

I'm all for the bunny slippers/Buddy Holly death paper. That and the fact that Alice looks especially cool when reduced to a Mike Hinge-like graphic simplicity.


Hey Kip, who is this Misha person any ways he look slike a mass murderer!
Hope you are well and we need to get together soon for my Kip and Tom Fix.


Cyclops Kitten Natividad

It's too German. You wouldn't understand.


Lana Turner looks so dreamy-eyed and cool, even sandwiched between two Gabors.


Yes its to German, I versteche es nicht!

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