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I'm digging the neighbourly croissant.

Loathsome Dave Pervert

I was saddened by the memory of Johnny Eck's death (a tiny, elderly, legless man killed in a home invasion robbery!), but gladdened by the Vic Mizzy and Ken Nordine b-days. And the West-does-Filbrandt Borgnine.

Mistress of the Galactic Owls

I am DIGGIN' all the aliens in this calendar!!

Ernest Borgnine!

You've given me inspiration to paint an Ernest Borgnine Alien for Rod.


I'm pretty sure Ethel Merman was an alien, too.

I like the scared pancake running from the molasses flood. Which really happened...I haven't started makin' stuff up on these yet, like I did on the old McPhee calendars. I think 20 people died in the flood, in a 35 mph wave of molasses. Cecil (my hero) wrote all about it in a "Straight Dope" column a while back.

Tipsy Wells

Eartha Kitt is Rod's girlfriend


Wonderful pen and ink, Kipaleena. What other work of art (not counting the old Dutch Masters) includes peanut brittle, squirrels, Johnny Rotten, carnivorous plants, and those perennial, star-crossed lovers (and keepers of the infamous Dutch Oven) Il Borgnino and The Merm?!? I'm touched and delighted to have actor-hero Robert Mitchum mentioned on my birthday. Thank you!

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