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I like. Reminds me of art.

Despair Squid

Chantry? Garfunkel? Carney?

James K. Morgan

An interesting site!
I've been posting some Lorca translations I did about 25 years ago ... to my blog at:
Drop by and have a look at them if you're a Lorca fan.


Very nice. Have you ever done etching? The portrait of him looks much like an etching. If you ever have done any, I'd like to see. Loveley.


Ha ha ha! Kamala wants to see Bob's etchings! Ha ha ha!!!!


Thanks, James, for the link to your Lorca translations -- I've always admired his work -- in translation, since my Spanish is pretty rudimentary.
Etchings? I did this with a pen, but it's basically all lines so I guess etchings would be similar. I've only played with etchings, and haven't had much luck.
I know, I know. Poetry, etchings -- this is pretty high-faluting stuff here, and I apologize. Don't wanna sound pretentious, er nothing. Sheesh! To clarify, the drawing on the right is an imaginary angel -- in a style borrowed from Rembrandt -- and not Lorca -- just inspired by his poem.
As John Wayne once said (not regarding Lorca) "You're just high-smelling, and lowdown." Therein lies the mystery.

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