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Your painting of it is much better than the real thing. The, umm, photoshopped 'real' thing, I mean.
I can see this as a squeaky toy for dogs. I'd like one, please.


Oh man! Squeaky toys for dogs...ok, this freaks me out every night. There are some dogs a couple of houses away, and I hear them barking in their backyard and then SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK...little dog jaws going crazy chomping away on some defenseless rubber creature. It's always really late, and I'm out in my studio where it's all quiet...and then suddenly doggy hell breaks loose for about 10 minutes.

Where was I...oh, yeah, rubber squeaky toys. Seriously, this kitten thing is nuts. I'd buy a rubber one. I don't even have a dog yet.


Sad about the kitty, but I keep getting this strong Klaatu hit from the Day the Earth Stood Still, like maybe the cyclops kitty will send out a death ray or something. The world would be such a different place if kitties had death rays. You give them some Kibbles, but they don't like Kibbles, and you get hit with this ray that makes you glow for a second, then you see your skeleton, and then there is just a small pile of ash.
I'm very glad kittens do not have death rays.


I think Kipling understands what's going on, but let me just point out that 'Cy' really stands for 'Cylon'


"Cylon" isn't even a word.


Thank you so much. I think it is just great that you honor what others besmirch. What a wonderful gesture and a beautiful rendition. Cheers to you and Rest In Peace Cy.


Exceedingly well done.


Cheers to your tasteful and loving tribute to Cy. My heart went out for the little guy and I was so happy to hear his owner took good care of him so he could know a good life, albeit too short.


One of the major news outlets verified Cy to be real. They analyzed the memory card, and the pictures (and embedded info, and the local news got the body I believe.


I guess I might have the benefit of more up to date information but there are two things that I would like to point out; specifically to Nessie and zz.
1. 'Cy' is an abbreviation of cyclops...which would be an understandable nickname for a one-eyed kitten
2. 'Cylon' is indeed a word, or rather a name, which was given to the creatures created by man in the tv series 'Battlestar Galactica'.

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