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I kinda had the hots for Lucifer. Cylons are cool.


All hail Cy: the omnipotent cyclopian kitten deity! With its mighty gaze it healed the sick and scared evil-doers into turning themselves in. A new era of peace and prosperity reined throughout the land.

Sagebrush Gardener

Beautiful painting! Could you tell us more about it? Size? Media? I hear it will be at Roq La Rue in February.



Well, to tell you the truth, the one I've scanned in here is in a spiral bound notebook and it's fairly small, around 6 inches square. I painted it yesterday and today in acrylic. For Kirsten's show I'll do a larger version on wood (probably 10 x 10") and add some fol-de-rol around the edges. The weeping willow and urn are from a photo I took in a graveyard in Portsmouth, NH...yes, real grave marker design! I added the lazy 8 though, the one on the Portsmouth grave was more of the "draped fabric" school.

Faded Reality

Is that a kind of badge or somet?? It looks like one that Boy Scouts could win, you know when they achieve something and they get honoured with a badge that gets sewn onto their green little jumpers, um that reminds me of one of them. seriously.

But what does a Boy Scout have to do to achieve his Cy Badge?? hmm

Poor Kitty

DJ Spyhunter

I guess I'm not the only one creating stuff inspired by this wonderful creature. Though nowhere near as wonderful and artistic as the painting, my cafepress stuff is fun!


A friend of mine has been feeding my strange obsession with the cyclops cat and it brought me here. I thought I may be the only one inspired to create by this cute little freak kitty, but am very glad to find that I am wrong. Oh boy! Now, if someone could show me a picture of a tattoo that they've gotten of Cy, then I'd be blown away!


I forsee a Church of CY coming along soon


I would like this on a t-shirt. Please!


Cylon was the name of an ancient Athenian noble who lived in the 650s BC and attempted a coup of the regime but was brutally put down. Read about it here:
Boy, I knew that Masters degree would come in handy someday.
The kitty is cute. Very sad.

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