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Apparently, along with being cute and disturbing, the Cyclops Kitty is now the official symbol of Atheists:


I second Sleestack. I want a t-shirt with this image on it!

Tanya Swails

Hi - I have to post a comment. It just so happens the owner of this kitty is a friend. And when the kitty was born she did everything to help it survive. When the kitty died, he mom called the associated press and told them about it, and they bought the pictures from her instantly. We are truly amazed at the response this has generated, and your site was just one of many that was sent for us to see. I am amazed at your drawing and your kind words. - Tanya


Although it's very cute, this thing has got to be a hoax, and this is why. Kittens aren't able to open their eye(s) for the first two weeks after they are born. So if it was only alive for a day, how is that possible? Sheesh.

Isaac Moore.

God bless his little cycloptic heart.


Jasonda, there are links to articles about the condition this kitten had, I know I had the same question. Apparently these animals are born without eyelids or color in the iris, so that explains the open eye and lack of blue coloring. I did actually check this with a vet I know, cuz I was having a hard time believing it myself.


Can I make a shirt for myself from the painting?
I will wear it and tell all you painted it...It is just so..soo...NEEDED...


You know, I feel kinda uncomfortable with the teeshirt idea. I mean, selling a painting is one thing, because it's payment for the hours of work involved (and shipping from Canada ain't cheap). But repeating the image over and over for profit is something else*. I'd be happy to license the image if someone can figure out a way to have the profits go to an animal shelter or feline health research. Not to be weird or anything, but if my image could make some money for a good cause, I'd do it.
That said, if you want to do stuff just for yourself, feel free. Just don't sell it, please! (And be sure to spell my name right. There's only one "p" in Kipling!)

*this is why I'll never be a rich artist


this is incredibly beautiful

Neal Patrick

That kitty was for real - check out Snopes: for details. As one person mentioned, the deformity caused the kitten to have no eyelids and no color in the iris. One other (sad) part was that the brain was completely deformed as well, meaning poor cyclops kitty was doomed from the start.

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