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Winksy BlingDing

You Hippie! Gorgeous.


This looks not unlike the pot of dried seaweed I've got soaking for some seaweed soup for tonight's supper!
Only mine does not have sea monkeys in it, or minkeys as Inspector Clouseau would call them.

Tod Brilliant

Love this piece. Love the brown-greens. . . great layout, design, feel. Bravo!

The Zanti Misfit

This is very drifty and dreamlike. I especially like the silhouetted family of brine that look like the photo from the old "Family of Man" book of photographs, going into the unknown. The name Terwilliger -- there used to be a road called that where I grew up in Oregon. Any relation?


Not that I know of. Really, I just needed a name before I sent it off to Kipling, and, Terwilliger popped into my head. I dunno...

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