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I wanna see SEA MONKEYS with unibrows! I might be duped into buying them again if they came with optional unibrows.


Beautiful work. You capture Frida so perfectly, as well as the monkeys and flower. Outstanding.

Barbara T Neun

Poor Fridah, not even silly cute pink Sea Monkeys can cheer her up! Lovely color, as always, & man how those things GLOW. Beautiful. The light is almost like some Great Barrier Reef coral/anemone scene. Intense.


When a medical geneticist sees someone with a monobrow, she thinks, "uh-oh!"
But then lotsa geneticists aren't that great looking themselves, and few of them even have sea monkeys to keep them company.


Frida wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs. It was kind of strange painting someone I'm not very interested in.

A year or so ago I saw an awesome show at the Vancouver Art Gallery [museum] of Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keefe and Emily Carr's work. Most of the visitors were clustered around the Frida stuff, but I was totally loving the other art. I know Frida had a really rough life with all her crazy health problems and wanting to have babies, and all of her work was self obsessed self portraits. The other two women painted outside themselves, landscapes and nature; almost no human figures at all. Nothing girlie about their work.

I know Bonni and Rod (and every other Canadian artist I know, who has had Emily Carr shoved down their throats as long as they can remember) think I'm crazy for liking her so much, but I'd never heard of her till I saw her work in the VAG and was blown away by the power of her colours. I also really like her writing, and I can completely identify with an old crank who'd rather be left alone to work than dealing with human nonsense day after day.

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