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Oh Lordy, Paris does not make a pretty sea monkey.
Tom is way hot.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

If I had a little fish bowl full of Tom Cruise and Oprah, I would have to dump it out on the floor and squish the thetans out of the Tom Shrimp.

Oprah can live though. She already looks like a fish and would probably do well in a glass bowl...until, like a carp, she would outgrow the constraints of the container surrounding her. Then she would either expire in her own oxygen depleted water or develop lungs like a mudskipper, evolving out of the limits of her small glass world. Flippering her way across the carpet, bits of lint sticking to her gooey sides, the Oprah Skipper would head out the door to an unknown but probably glorious future.

Man. That's the last time I stay up till 4:30 AM painting sea monkeys. Serious.

Duane County

I'm loving the stoopchuck family's expressions. Such attention to detail.

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