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I can't think of any. The leopard print is a dead ringer for a Bonni Reid special.

Blue Magoo

It sure doesn't look like an owl anymore!
I like!
My question is, do you get your head BACK after giving it to this guy?


This is cool! Did you make it? Are your plans anywwhere online?


No, Blue Magoo - no head back. Whaddaya think it's stuffed with!


Thanks, Pesco! Yes, I did make it, but I don't have any patterns online. I sort of just wing these things never knowing what's going to happen. I guess it depends on what movie I might be watching at the same time.

Laza Bastard

This is excellent, but it couldn't possibly be more comfortable than my Baron Sam pillow! Perfect for snuggling and having free range muffins with.

Raccoon at the Lagoon

Hey, congrats on the BoingBoing mention!

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