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This is beautiful but it totally depresses me. It's fucking SPRING there already. We've got another 2 or 3 months of crap weather to go here before the first bud appears.


Being in Vancouver, which is a 3 hour drive north from you for some that don't know, we encounter MUCH more in the way of snowy fun, so some of our friends south of us seem to think. Let's see, there's the snowmobiles we take to work, the living in igloos (which I guess means year round snow), polar bears wandering the streets, and my favourite; the Snowline. The Snowline is the dividing line that the Americans decided would be the border between our two countries. Yes, I've been 'told' these things.

Rod was informed recently that it must have been a snow blizzard that took out my internet. I guess the same blizzard must have hit us too!


Oh, I always thought you guys rode to work on teams of giant snarling huskies while wearing white fur bikinis and drinking Vodka from beaten old flasks. Shows what I know.


Oh, hun, how do you survive such awful, dire, brutal winters?

Doris Karloff

She has a hot boyfriend, of course!


I know, it is rugged, isn't it? I just drink a lot of booze and coffee and do lots of snuggling and farting under the covers with my man.

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