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You need to try and sell it on ebay. Say it's the Baby Seal Messiah and then sit back and watch the frenzied bid war.


Oh- I totally see it. Yes! You have an eye, lady, you truly do.
And yes, I think, follow 14's advice and you will be rollin' in no time.


I think the baby seal is too cute for the wall holes. I'm seeing more of "clubbed 3 days ago and left on the strand baby seal". And it scares me.

Go Calgary seal hunt!


Ew, I really hadn't seen the clubbed seal thing...well, in real life it's pretty small and high up on the wall, and you aren't looking into the interior of the wall like in a close-up shot. So it's cuter.
But I'm gonna paint the whole bathroom green and spackle over Seal Crack one of these days, so I figured I'd snap a shot before he's just a memory.

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