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Where's MY mammoth? I neeeeeeed one!

Wee-Bone Talker

Man, it's amazing what they can do with computers now. Man.


Yeah, Wee-Bone, the computer tech in the C-Train station is even more impressive in person!


Ignore the guy from Vancouver, Kate. He WISHES they had a mammoth problem. They gots Kitten-Eating Moss Beasts out there. I've seen 'em on Robson.

Mistress of the Galactic Owls

DUH - how do you people think mass transit works??! IDIOTS! It's mammoths powering those trains! Try and edumacate you selves, okay?


I can never tell a Mastodon from a Wooly Mammoth. I see them at work, clustered around the water cooler. They giggle and snort water through their trunks and make snarky comments. They are so petty.

Wild Rose

Love the site and yeah, it's lotsa fun seein' all the bizarre and cool stuff in Calgary. Cheeky, self-mocking city but also has a level of sophistication you don't often get to see where we're living right now (Orange County, CA ---YAWNNNNNN)

Land of Oilwells and Beige Ladies

Hmm. Why do I think the money in your pocket is blue, purple, or has The Queen on it, Wild Rose?
Calgary...Self-mocking? Sophisticated? Are we talking about the same city?!


Yeah, Calgary and "sophisticated" or "having a sense of humour" doesn't really go together. Calgary and "Texas with snow" fit a whole lot better.

Wild Rose

Wow, took me a long time to get back..."Land of Oilwells and Beige Ladies"--(I like that moniker, btw.) Nope, my cash is boring green and white. I dunno, whenever I visit Calgary (riding the c-train, walking around downtown, or wandering down 17th Ave.), I find myself wishing I could experience the same sort of amusement and authenticity down here in "The Land of Plastic Women". Maybe the Calgarians you choose to hang out with are just too beige!? Maybe the cold weather gets you down? Anyways, there's a helluva lot more galleries up there than I could hope for within a five mile radius of where I live now! And Kate, I still chuckle when I think of Ralph Klein donning a spandex jumpsuit and challenging the mayor of Edmonton to a race at COP. Maybe things have changed over time? If you live there, try stirring things up a bit! I bet there would be an appreciative audience for you.

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