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That's it. As SOON as I get that stupid immigration thing done, I'm visiting you in the land of Butt Pirates! Whoo!
Thanks for the post, Erin. God, I miss this sort of thing up here in The City of Beige.


What, you don't like our Vancouver wackos, Kip? This guy's schtick is nothing compared to the psychotic tweakers and glassy-eyed dirt-bags I can encounter a mere three or four steps out my back door. Some call it "diversity", I call it "some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets."

But I guess there's a considerable difference between "urban attention-seeker" and "bag of shit."


Urban attention seekers are damn funny. It's like free theater, by nutty failed actors. Usually they're just out there to, well, get attention, and they're pretty harmless. There's a big difference between UAS and creepy drug dudes, who want to sell your head, or break it.

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