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Lance Boyle

I do my gurning in the water spout in the bathtub. Makes me look cool.


My gurning is so out of control that my normal non-gurning expression is now actually gurning.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

She sure has pretty teeth!

Wee-Bone Talker

You know, everywhere else I think they call them "French presses" - hasn't the American French-bashing gone just about far enough? At least you do not call it a "freedom press."

Baba Rum Babareeni

I don't know about gurning but I got to get me one of these French Presses with yer face on it. Mine is screwed up. I keep getting this big hairy guy's face and in it!


I knew that wer yeew thuh secund ah sawr eeit. Purty purty pickchur.


Gee Whizz, Ahhh luvs mah Freedum Press!

Cranky McCrankenstein

Dude! You got Boinged!

Karsten Kruse

I remember a guy who sold a shiny teapot at ebay, problem was he was naked (no on purpose) while shooting the pic :).


You think you love coffee? (cool picture)Goethe was supposed to have drunk 20 to 25 cups a day. And even he doesn't come close to my pot-a-minute pace. Ha! Mortals...

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