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I have been waiting all day for my German Kalendar
Danke, es ist wunderschoen! Long live the Fatherland!


Thank you for the calendar - I look forward to it every month. Oh, and thanks for using my alien Star Jones. : )


I like Hug-a-Pig day!


How awesome is it that I share the same birthday as Russ Meyer! Now I know where I get it from.....


How awesome is it that I share the same birthday as Lobster Newburg! Now I know where I get it from... My love of crawling the ocean floor, that is.


Yay! I look forward to this every month. Thank you! You can tell that you used to live in Seattle - Plant a Flower day on March 12? The ground will still be frozen at my house. Oh to live in a place with civilized weather.


Oh man, I didn't know when your birthday was, Rod! I woulda put something in there!
Katy, don't even get me started on civilized weather! I took that T. Rex picture on my blog at lunch on Tuesday in the middle of a snowstorm. I got spoiled by 15 years in Seattle, I guess...I think it should be spring already. I didn't make that "Plant a Flower" thing up though, that must have been another West Coaster.


Plant a Flower Day! You rock, Kipling!

And you're a sweetheart: This will be my favorite calendar forever.


Great calendar! My computer is still in a box, after moving, and now the first thing I see after visiting this wonderful site is this calendar, so nice I will also use it next month, too. Long live Keely!

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